Photoshoot with Ginny

I had the privilege of working with the very talented Ginny Brazier a few weeks ago. The goal of the photo shoot was to provide Ginny with a few shots for her portfolio. The look of the shoot was to be natural and welcoming. So I decided to use available light for most of the shoot. The set up was pretty straight forward: use the sun as my main light and then fill with a reflector. We were both very excited with the results we were able to achieve.

After about an hour of shooting indoors we decided to head over to Humboldt Park, which I thought would provide a very different look. I probably should have thought about this move a bit more seeing that it was about 25 degrees that day! We went to the park anyway and took about 20 photos and then immediately packed up and took off. We were all too cold to keep on shooting. I was really looking forward to spending more time at the park, but I guess we will have to reschedule for another time, a much warmer time.

We had the very talented Jules from Makeup by Jules join us for the shoot. She provided the flawless makeup that you see in the photos. My many thanks to the both of you for your time and energy. I hope to work with you both again sometime in the future.