San Francisco Tofurious SEO Workshop

I have always wanted to visit the west coast, especially San Francisco. You see I grew up watching "Full House," a family show that took place in SF. Please do not hate on me, as I am sure plenty of you were/are fans just like me. Hey, Uncle Jesse totally rocked and I had a minor crush on D.J... okay, a major crush. My sincerest apologies for the cheesy photo.


But I digress. I recently had the privilege to attend the Tofurious SEO workshop here in Chicago. I had a really great time and learned a ton of stuff. I was also able to meet new photographers, which is always a blast. Tofurious is taking the SEO workshop all around the States and he recently visited San Francisco. These photographers are now a part of the Tofurious SEO club and are VERY talented people. I have been checking out their work and I must say, they really do ROCK! I hope that I will be able to meet you guys someday soon!

Check out their work and give them some comment love! The Memory Journalists – wedding photography led by Jennifer Dunham Starr based in Folsom, CA Tiffany Fosnight – Adeline and Grace are wedding and boudoir rockstars in Napa Valley Marin Kristine – Bay Area boudoir and wedding photographer. We are Twitter buddies. { WLQ } Photography – San Francisco based engagement and wedding photographer Rebecca Wilkowski Photography – SF and Bay Area Green photojournalist Jessie Cho Photography – SF and Bay Area wedding photojournalist Dave Shilling Photography – From Sacramento who shoots rad pictures Lori Paladino Photography – SF and Bay Area wedding and lifestyle photographer Jerry Yoon Photography – San Francisco wedding photographer woot Kirstie Tweed – wedding and portrait photographer based in Banff, Canada

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