Tofurious Seattle SEO Workshop

I really enjoy a good cup of coffee. It is a total comfort beverage that just makes for a good morning. But my tastes in coffee have changed throughout the years. I started drinking the instant stuff my dad used to drink and I thought "this coffee stuff is pretty nasty." Then college came around and I started drinking Dunkn Donuts' coffee. I really enjoyed this brands coffee and pretty much stuck to it for years. Then I decided to drink Starbucks coffee just to give it a try. I remember my first cup of coffee from Starbucks and thought "this stuff is nasty" and then proceeded to run to Dunkin' Donuts. But then after a while I actually started to enjoy the stronger tasting coffee and now enjoy it just about everyday. So I would be tickled pink to visit Seattle one day and check out the original store.


But Starbucks is not the only reason I would like to visit Seattle. There are some really fantastic photographers that reside in Seattle and I think it would be amazing to meet and shoot with them. Chris Waters – A very cool website! Check out his Polaroid section. Awesome stuff. Eternal Reflections Photography – Beautiful and very romantic images. I love the images of the bride with the mountains in the background. Jenny GG Photography – Super creative and amazingly versatile! I love the "i see the family" images. Rockie Lee – Wow, Rockies images are amazing. And he shoots with a medium-format camera. That is too cool. Candice Cunningham – Amazing wedding shooter and creator of the camera sling! Josh Thompson – Solid wedding photographer rockin' it out in Seattle!

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