The Big "Manzana" & U2 Have Have Their Own "Way"


New York is the one city that I am just bursting to visit. My wife and I have been wanting to go for a few years now... I think that it is time that we check out New York. I am a very big U2 fan, which adds another reason to visit NY. I mean what other city has a street named after my favorite band? Any city that is that cool has to be visited and loved. Plus, my daughter would probably really love Central Park and I would probably really love the Guggenheim Museum. I would for sure LOVE to shoot a wedding in New York... maybe soon :)

I would also love to meet and hang out with some of NY's most amazing photographers. Check out some of their work:

Jason Groupp – NYC’s most awesome wedding photographer. This dude rocks. John Michael Cooper – Amazing wedding photography. Amazing off camera flash work. Check him out. Seshu – Connecticut documentary wedding photography Shannon Kelley – Knoxville, TN wedding photographer Tim Dinofa – modern south NJ wedding photographer with very neat handwriting Steven Young – amongst the most awesome NYC peeps Willi Wong – NYC modern and lifestyle type of guy Jacobus Photography – Jared + Rachel Jacobus! Jason Miller – Washington DC guy but missed the DC workshop I guess Jim Altieri – CT! Tina Jay Photography – Philly! Kim Percival – just Kim (leading a double life) Darren Squashic – fresh and fun Ahmetze – NY and NJ awesomeness

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By The Way: My favorite U2 song is probably "One." But a VERY close runner up is "A Sort Of Homecoming." Brilliant stuff.