College graduates

Congrats to the 2010 Grads // Graduation Portraits

Graduation season is upon us. It's easy to take this season for granted if you don't know anyone that is graduating. But if you have a family member or friend that is graduating, then it is a big deal. It's such an honor to be graduating, to be done with school, to have completed your studies. And what a perfect time to not only document this time, but to do so with a beautiful portrait! I am so privileged/honored to have spent time with these outstanding graduates and to have taken their portraits. What is even cooler is that they will forever have these photos of themselves on the day they graduated from college. They will be able to show these to their children, and for now can share them on Facebook and show their family and friends, with pride, that they have graduated.

My many thanks to the graduates: Mickey, Edwardo, Maureen, and Dana! Here are a few of my favorite graduation photos:

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By The Way: Shooting in different environments is so much fun. Mickey's portraits were on location at Northeastern University. Edwardo's portraits were in my home-studio. Maureen and Dana's graduation portraits were taken in Forest Park. Different locations bring with them challenging lighting situations and we must be quick on our feet.