Lake Katherine Photography

Lake Katherine Family Photos - Fus Family

Fall has to be my favorite time of the year, and I made sure to capture that with the Fus Family. I wanted to make sure that I captured them with Fall's full set of amazing colors. I had the honor of photographing Rachel Fus' wedding earlier in the year (post coming soon), so seeing her and her family again was a joy for me. I loved photographing them at the beautiful Lake Katherine Nature Center in Palos Park, IL. Thanks!

Kassie Senior Portraits

I had the privilege to photograph Kassie for her senior portraits. We decided to shoot at the beautiful Lake Katherine in Palos Heights, IL. I had been there before to photograph a family, but I did not spend a whole lot of time scouting out the entire area. This time I gave myself plenty of time to scout and I was able to find a few great spots. I was able to find plenty of spot actually. This is a great place to shoot.

Kassie was so much fun to work with. We talked about school and about the college she decided on attending. There were a lot of images of Kassie just cracking up that I did not post, but that just showed me that she is not afraid to laugh and enjoy life. Her lively spirit gave me a creative boost to try a few different ideas. I wish all of my portraits were this fun.