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Space Love and a SEO Workshop in Houston

I am a NASA and space geek. I love the moon landing photos from Armstrong and Aldrin (pure medium format joy!). I loved "Apollo 13" and make sure to watch any PBS special that's focused on space. Think about all of the amazing technology it took to send people to the moon? It is just amazing stuff to me. SEO workshop Tofurious

I actually visited the NASA station in Florida a handful of years back and LOVED it. I wish I would have seen an actual take-off. That's cool, I still had a great time as did my wife.

If ever I get to visit Houston I would love to go out shooting with some of these photographers, though the shooting would have to be in some place with plenty of air conditioning: Allison of Phreklnose Photography – an ultra cool children photographer in The Woodlands Joanna Garcia – Houston wedding photographer living the dream Eric Yeh – work hard, play harder. Shooting happy people and living their dreams Kim Ashford – mom, wife, Baton Rouge wedding photographer Morris Griffin – starting out but eager to learn Clark Lara – Clark and wife Rica are rockin' image makers! Aaron Hogan – lighting and emotion freak

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By The Way: I don't think that the moon landing photos were fake. I also wonder what camera system they would take into space if ever there was another moon landing.