Free To Succeed Tour

I had the privilege to attend David Jay's "Free To Succeed" tour last night thanks to my friend and fellow wedding shooter Ray Pryor. Ray called me up the other day and asked if I would be interested in attending. He told me that David Jay and Jasmine Star would be speaking and would be talking about the wedding photography business. I was sold... especially after hearing that Jasmine Star would be there. Man, that fired me up! I love her work and her blog. I go there everyday for inspiration and to see what she is up to. You can only imagine how excited I was to see her in person. She is even cooler than what I had imagined, and even prettier in person. That girl has it going on. One day I hope to be as cool and pretty as she is...

I learned so much at this seminar. My head is still spinning with ideas. I am very appreciative to both David and Jasmine for their openness and honesty. I really took to heart when David said that "we are here to serve our clients". That is so true, and that is something that I strive to do with every wedding that I shoot. Where would we be without our clients? They drive us to excel and to get better and to continue learning.

So my many, many, many thanks to David Jay and to Jasmine Star for sharing such great insights and precious nuggets of information. I also wanted to thank my friend and fellow Rock Star photog Veronica Hinojosa for hanging with me and for taking the photos of me and DJ and Jasmine. Rock on!!!