Washington DC photography

History Everywhere - Washington DC

There is so much of this country that I have not experienced yet. One of the places that my wife and I really want to visit is Washington DC. My older brother visited this city a few years back and really had an incredible time there. He came back talking on and on about all of the cool things there are to see there. This got me all excited and have ever since wanted to check it out. Shooting a wedding in Washington DC must be so amazing with all of its rich history and importance. Maybe I will get my chance sooner than I think :) SEO workshop

Here are a handful of DC photographers that I would love to chill with and go shooting with. Check them out:

Jan Michele Photography – A very talented wedding and family photographer from Washington DC. Meaghan Elliot Photography – A chocolate connoisseur and creator of some really sweet images! Rodney Mickle – A cool and talented art and fashion wedding shooter.

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By The Way: I REALLY want to see the Lincoln Memorial. Hey, I am from Illinois! I have to represent.