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I'm So Thankful!

What an amazing 2012 I've had, mostly due to my AMAZING clients! It's been the busiest year for me ever and also one of the most fulfilling. I've had the honor to photograph so many weddings this year, as well as photograph so many families! Thank you to all of my couples and families, you've all been so amazing and fun to work with that I couldn't imagine my life without the experiences that we've created! I'm looking forward to my 2013 weddings and families. Stay tuned to my blog and my Facebook page for more photos and for some fun contests as well - make sure to Like my page to stay up on the latest info. You can also check out some of my photos on Instagram. I am also thankful for the birth of my daughter - Emiliana Christine. We call her Mils and she has been such a joy. Here she is smiling at her sister who was standing behind me as I took this photograph. Emiliana, I love you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Perks of a Wedding Photographer - Pt 2 - Chicago Skyline

We continue my series of "the perks of a wedding photographer" with: The Chicago Skyline. Part one was all about the interior beauty of churches. Now I'll share a few photographs that focus on the external beauty of the Chicago skyline. Chicago really is a beautiful city - just look around and you'll be amazed by the architecture and personality of this city. These pictures were taken while either the bride was away putting her dress on, or as I waited for the elevator to take me up to her room, etc. I really enjoy looking at the amazing details of the city I get to be in, and I hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos.

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