Star Wars Day 2018 Photos

I love Star Wars! I enjoy the movies, yes. But it's really just a total eye candy experience for me. So just imagine my excitement when I found out that Star Wars Day was happening in downtown Joliet - my very own town!!! I literally walk to this event every year. This was the second year in a row where I was the "official" photographer and was allowed to take the LARGE group photo of all of the dressed participants. What a total blast this year was for me as the energy was high and the costumes were simply amazing. Check them out and see you all next year for Star Wars Day 2019!

Morton Arboretum Engagement Photos - Liz & Jake

Liz and Jake are a super fun-loving couple, the kind I just want to hang out with (and photograph) all day. Just look at their smiles and you'll immediately know what I'm talking about. Being a really good looking couple helps in wanting to photograph them :)

Their engagement session took place in the majestic Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL. We visited a few places I had never been to, so exploring and hanging out with them was super cool. We kept shooting well into the late Fall evening and came up with some good photographs. I look forward to seeing them again really soon for their wedding. Thanks guys!

Lake Katherine Family Photos - Fus Family

Fall has to be my favorite time of the year, and I made sure to capture that with the Fus Family. I wanted to make sure that I captured them with Fall's full set of amazing colors. I had the honor of photographing Rachel Fus' wedding earlier in the year (post coming soon), so seeing her and her family again was a joy for me. I loved photographing them at the beautiful Lake Katherine Nature Center in Palos Park, IL. Thanks!

Joliet Family Photographer - Tomasik Family

Being out and about during a family photo shoot is very freeing  for me. I love being outdoors when the weather is right (call me crazy, right?). So when I get the honor of photographing a family I immediately suggest doing the shoot outdoors. Being outside gives us the ability to move around and get several looks in a small space.

Here's a family portrait session I did here in Joliet and the weather was just perfect - hot out in the sun and percent in the shade. So of course all of the photos are in the shade :)

My many thanks to the Tomasik family for inviting me over and allowing me to spend some time with them this beautiful afternoon. Thanks guys!

Lincoln Park Zoo Family Photos - Kanner Family

It's been a really hot and muggy summer in Chicago, but nothing was going to stop the Kanner family from taking their family portraits over at the beautiful Lincoln Park Zoo. You see, they are visiting family here in Chicago ALL the way from Berlin, Germany, where they currently live. I had the absolute pleasure and honor of photographing Kersty and Brian's wedding almost 2 years ago, so this was a very rewarding family shoot for me. I love being able to photograph the wedding of a couple and then continue to document their lives once they start a family - it's really the coolest thing for me to see that family grow! 

Here are a handful of my favorite photos from their Lincoln Park Zoo family photos. I love the little ones eyes, they're so intense and so "German" as Brian would say. Thanks!

Lincoln Park Zoo Engagement Photos - Alison & Steve!

I've known Alison and her family since high school, so this was a very fun and rewarding engagement session for me. She moved all the way to Australia for work about 4 years ago and we haven't been able to connect as much as I'd like, though keeping up via Facebook helps a ton. She met Steve in Australia and had only seen photos of them together and I could tell she was super excited. Seeing them together last week was great, and listening to Steve speak with that Aussie accent was super cool. You see, I love British and Australian accents and always practice them while alone in my car.

Here are a handful of our engagement session at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, as well as a few from North Ave Beach. It was a super hot July morning, but it's hard to tell since Alison and Steve were totally into the shoot. I can't thank them enough and I'm looking forward to their wedding next year in April. Thanks guys and what an honor for me to photograph your engagement.

Joliet Family Photographer - Villareal Family

It's officially summer time and we're finally able to go out and enjoy the outdoors. I especially enjoy shooting outdoor family portraits because the backgrounds are always colorful and vibrant. And being outside allows the kiddos to run around for a bit before and after the family photo session is done.  This particular family photo was done pretty quickly - the frame was set up and the family started having a fun time. It was a little on the chilly side this particular day, but we were able to get some really fun photos.


Merry Christmas 2014 - Joliet Christmas Family Photos

It was a balmy Christmas Eve this year in Joliet, which is a little odd. We're used to snow on the ground and frigid temperatures about this time of year. I'm not a huge fan of snow, but I'll admit that having the fluffy white stuff on the ground around Christmas time is pretty cool. I hope that you and your family have a great and memory filled Christmas this year. Here's my families Christmas Card for 2014.

Lexi Lou is the newest member of our family. She sort of collaborated with us for this photo.

Lexi Lou is the newest member of our family. She sort of collaborated with us for this photo.

Mother's Day Family Portraits

I always get excited around Mother's Day because it means one thing in my mind - family portraits! I get to set-up my light modifiers and strobes and take get all photo-geeked out. I hope that my family has as much fun as I do. This was the 2nd year I've had the opportunity to work with the Vineyard Church of DuPage and take family portraits for members of their church. We had a perfect day this year and were allowed to shoot outdoors. Below are  just a few from that day. My many thanks to Stephanie and the rest of the families for having me. Thanks!


Shorewood Family Portraits - Delaney Family

It's finally starting to feel like summer around here & I couldn't be happier. That means I finally get to play outside with my daughters, run & exercise outside & just be outside enjoying the weather. It also means that I get to take family portraits outside of a studio setting! I love being & working outside, especially when photographing little kids. Being outside allows the kiddos to play and have fun in-between taking pictures.

That's how I was able to get the fun family pictures of the beautiful Delaney family. We met a park near their house in Shorewood & hung out for about 45 minutes in the summer-like weather. The girls played, I chatted with mom & dad then we took a few more photos & called it a day - short & sweet. My many thanks to the Delaney family for spending some time with me. I hope you guys had fun!