WPPI 2010 - Party In The USA

Here is my WPPI 2010 experience in a nutshell:

  • Enjoyed flying Southwest Airlines
  • The Signature at MGM is fantastic
  • Having 5 roomies was amazing - I love those guys/gals!
  • Splitting food costs with roomies was one of the BEST ideas - highly recommended
  • Should have bought more groceries at VONS - definitely more beer
  • Party In The USA is the best song EVER
  • The MGM Grand is HUMONGOUS! Should have worn my running shoes more often.
  • Scheduling classes before arriving at WPPI was super helpful
  • Budgeting for food and gear saved me from being overwhelmed
  • Should have done more photo shoots
  • I LOVE JASMINE STAR - JD is a stud
  • Honored to have met Jamie Delaine
  • Should have said hi to The Becker (walked by him like 5 times)
  • Sarah Petty, Mike Colon, and Dennis Reggie are SUPER TALL
  • FINALLY met Christine Tremoulet - wish we could have hung out more :'(
  • It was great seeing Dane Sanders again - the world needs more guys like him
  • Kenny Kim is a major connector and stud
  • Bambi Cantrell is a posing DIVA!
  • Have to get a photo booth
  • Love Collages.net even more - Abbey rocks!
  • Should have slept more - had more quiet time to reflect
  • Pictage knows how to throw a party!!!
  • David Jay and Mike Larson are amazing photogs and spiritual leaders
  • Met a ton of fantastic people
  • I have major iPhone envy
  • WPPI 2011 - I want to go to there!

→ Here are a few pics to help me remember all that took place at WPPI: [gallery columns="1" size="large"]

There is so much more that I could write about. But it would probably bore you. Plus, I still need to write it all down and make sure that I don't forget all of the great stories and business ideas that I learned. One thing I can share with 100% confidence: I love the wedding/portrait industry! I am so glad I made it to WPPI.

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By The Way: I should have remembered to bring my point-and-shoot camera. I could have captured a lot more of my experience at WPPI. Lesson learned.